Home Cooked Nourishment

Home Cooked Nourishment

Walking to work 

on the streets of New York

My iTunes shuffle serves up

The jams of Damian Marley

Sean Paul

and Tessanne Chin 

Full platter 

Warm and nourishing like cooked food 

Melodies flowing off my tongue 

The language of home tastes so good 

I listen 

and I am fed;

Morsels of identity 

Slivers of home 

Delicious like stewed peas over white rice

Smooth like butter ackee spread on a slice of roasted breadfruit

I skip past the Michael Buble and the Miley Cyrus (don't judge me)

To the Bob Marley and the Tarrus Riley

I am not home 

but I am there 

My earphones

feeding tube 

Keeping me alive 

with the taste of home

I am nourished 

Fighting the onset immigrant amnesia 

Jamaica I will not forget you 

Not as Protoje spoons songs thick like Saturday red peas soup

Keeping my love strong. 

I sit on this train 

After skipping breakfast 


Somebody pass me a napkin 

I'm digging in

and it might get messy.

Slow burn crush

Slow burn crush

It deleted everything!

It deleted everything!