It deleted everything!

It deleted everything!

Sitting up, as the clock ticks to day after today. I'm in tomorrow already, 12:58 AM and I'm still shaken. 

A little over an hour ago, as I was finishing up my Grace Hopper Academy application, I accidentally clicked on a navigation link on the application page. As I gasp, I quickly click to return to my application, only to sink into a moan: all my work was gone. 

Oh no! It deleted everything! 

After 2 weeks of working up the courage to apply and finally answering the prompts, all my work was erased. 

The tears came even before I could forbid them audience. I yelped in almost physical pain. I had poured charisma and emotion into every box - all wiped clean in the split of a second. 

What to do?

Start Over! 

There was no time to be comforted. No time to feel pity. No time to get angry. Only time to dig deep and make a new thing than that what was lost. The deadline that I set for myself was today (yesterday, in technical terms). There was to be no delay. I want this to badly. 

I rallied, banishing all other thoughts, persons and feelings from my mind and my presence and focused with a singular vision to getting it done. 

I'm greater than I can imagine. 

I am my deepest fear. 

I am more powerful than I can imagine. If only I let myself to be. 

Home Cooked Nourishment

Home Cooked Nourishment

I'm afraid...

I'm afraid...