Slow burn crush

Slow burn crush

As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.
— Marianne Williamson

I am harboring a crush crushes on women in tech and STEM fields. There is something viscerally stirring, to an unspeakable degree, about the comportment of women wontonly flaunting their brilliant brains for all to see.

As International Women's Day approaches, I find myself with an abundance of events competing for my time, where I canl get my fill of amazement and wonder.

At this very moment, I must choose between going to an admissions prep meetup for the Grace Hopper Academy at Full Stack Academy and Google's Women Techmakers event tomorrow today.

By now, I think I know what I'll be doing. But in many ways, I am still second guessing my decision.

To help me break the tie, I've been trying to investigate the value of each event from the vague information of each that I scrounged online.

The role of product manager has reminded me of my previous role of project manager. The key element of project management was “managing without authority.” A true leader is someone who an bring the team together to collaborate but people are not reporting to you.
— A comment on the WTM interview with Sabrina Ellis

During my research I found a YouTube series of Women Techmakers talking about Product Management(PM). In many ways, I believe that PM is where my true heart lies: Strategy. Dreaming big. Brokering relationships. Bridging communication gaps.

Seeing these women talk about their process, their work, their problem solving good! I fall in love with each video. I have such a zombie-like fetish for confident, optimistic, determined BRAINS!, I'm almost embarrassed writing this....almost.

It is all so nerdly stirring! Don't you agree?:

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