Low Energy

I've got a case of the dumps today. The curriculum is getting harder so I don't have time to be in this funk. 
...turns on some Protoje on Spotify...

I can already feel the fog lifting.

Music from home is as good as food from home. It feeds my soul. I need to manage my emotions. I know that part of my sentiment this morning is related to the workshop that we are continuing today, but I do not know how to express how I'm feeling. 

It's important when participating in a bootcamp to have a plan for dealing with the rough days. Things are moving to quickly to get hitched up on anything other than the work. 

What I appreciate about my programme is that every morning when you check in, they ask about your confidence in the current concepts, your emotional energy to learn and your how you feel physically. Today, I reported that my happiness index was below average and almost immediately got a ping from the dean acknowledging that she saw it alongside an invitation to connect later during her office hours. 

Hopefully, Protoje and his links can sort me out before it comes to that. :) 

Bucking the music up till I have to actually talk to people today. 

Serves you right

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