Node JS

Today, we are working in nodejs trying to write code to have our program mimic the command line.

Writing all the functions with the necessary abstractions in a group of 3 at the end of day was super taxing. My energy was really low. At times like that, if it's particularly difficult, I get quiet and my ability to communicate my thoughts suffer.

I learned a lot and my teammates helped drag us through the project. I had ideas and thoughts on execution but no energy to lobby for them.

I'm fortunate to have opportunities to partner with women who make me better at clarifying my thoughts, even as I become sullen from exhaustion.

Coffee has become a staple of my days now, though it merely prevents complete shut down, like going into low power mode. It doesn't particularly give me energy. I do not want to become dependent on it though. It's something I'm very driven to keep on the relatively low end of daily needs. Tea please!

Low Energy

GTB: Day 2 - Assessment day

GTB: Day 2 - Assessment day