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In case you missed it, we're learning SQL and databases.  Super cool!

A good grasp on Math and set theory is definitely an advantage on this part of our course.

I've learned about queries, sub-queries, joins, intersect and that Kevin Bacon has had a lot of costars.

For this workshop, we worked on the IMDB database to surface results for a number of queries. It was quite exciting.

We used command line SQLite 3 to execute increasingly difficult queries in a very intense learn by doing session.

This was the first weekday workshop where we got to choose our partners or work on our own. It was also the first where we turned to each other (and sometimes fellows) for help and support. We learned from each other in pairs and groups, in ad hoc teaching circles and animated conversations. Along with the stress of trying to finish all the queries before review, there was an exciting fury of trying new things in code while indulging in movie geekery.

As a yelper, i.e. a person who yelps, I was eeping and oohing a lot. I also got headaches and brain cramps too. But you win some and learn more, right?

Showing up has been so amazing. Lots of great things are happening.

Real life is still growling and snarling commanding me to handle health insurance and housing. Now that I can query data, maybe I can make those searches simpler. One can only hope. :)


Serves you right