The Audacity of Ambition

The Audacity of Ambition

The countdown begins
The second guessing on the run up
Did I estimate the distance correctly?
Did I give myself enough space for acceleration?
Will I be able to jump?
Will I be able to land?
Am I enough?
Am I a safe bet?
Can I make it on my own
  grabbing in the air
     propelling myself
       to grasp on the other side?

      .... LEAP!

I have decisions to make. My future lay in my hands like a stick of dynamite waiting to propel me forward or explode me. Getting accepted into Grace Hopper Academy has only been the beginning. 

Affording the 3 month immersive. Affording to be unemployed during it. Affording to give up a cushy job at an amazing company with no guarantees for return. Affording to bet on myself. That has been a task and a half. 

As I write this I sip on a vegan smoothie snack courtesy of it being 3pm on a Monday. That is 3 hrs after a lunch made by an in-house chef. I'm pampered! Who do I think I am trying to leave the best job with some of the best managers and people that I have ever worked with? What audacity?

Everything lines up so well. This opportunity to attend this program, the connections that I have already made within the program and community, the opportunities it presents in this stage of my life, the problems that I am currently itching to solve. This program is for me. In many ways I can tell myself "wait for a more opportune moment", but the moment is now. The people who believe in me believe that I can do it. The urge, the dedication, the desire is now. It seems like money is the only obstacle. It is my job to remove that obstacle and go get my dreams. 


Eets my birthday!!!

Grab hold; Don't let go

Grab hold; Don't let go