Eets my birthday!!!

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me!...

The earth has made yet another trip around the sun with me planted firmly on it. While I consider different avenues of growth, I can feel a great groundswell of potential right at my fingertips. 

It is such a delicious dilemma to be wanted and appreciated as much as I feel right now. My employers are trying hard to work with me so that I choose not to leave. My friends are trying to recruit me into their businesses based on my the potential they see in the skills I will gain from the Grace Hopper course. And then add to that, birthday wishes?! I'm on cloud 9. 

Last year, I spent my birthday a world away in Tbilisi, Georgia. This year, I will staycate and focus on making my next sun revolution celebration truly epic by investing in myself. My bank account as not looked this slim in a long time. I'm focussing on designing for it a meal plan that will make this low weight a thing of history. 

I'm excited. I'm considering setting up a donation page to give friends who want to invest in my future an opportunity to do so. A few friends have urged me to make a Kickstarter and the like. I suppose the reason I haven't done so already is maybe I'm just too proud to ask for help. After finding out that getting loans for bootcamps is harder than it looks, pride appears as folly. I've been learning a lot the necessity of knowing when and how to ask for help. And now that, even without asking, 2 friends have already offered to invest in my future at rates akin to lower end New York rents, I'm a bit emboldened to know who else would want to shore me up (at even more reasonable rates of the 2-3 digit variety).

While I think it may be in poor taste to make that request on my birthday, I reserve the right to ask tomorrow 😊. Whether or not I do it will be a measure of my pride and courage even as the act would be to build on both. 

Till then....I wonder what kind of cake I want?


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