MEAN became SEAN with a Promise that was thenable

Today our task was to create a wiki with persistent storage in a SQL database. We could run powerful SQL queries in JavaScript syntax and methodology with built in promises to handle async calls to our database.  

Further Sequelize has built in validation options, virtual fields that can use items in our database tables, built in Bluebird Promise methods to supplement the new implementations on Promises in vanilla ES6 JavaScript.  

It is easy to feel powerful working with such intuitive tools. Mix in some swig to template your pages and you're off to the races.  

For a fact, I'm learning how much I hate CSS. I'm sincerely hoping SASS will make it a bit less irksome. It is so hard to develop responsive templates that work the way intended in different view ports. But that is another post I suspect.  

Friday will be a checkpoint on Express, Node and SQL (Sequelize). It's both exciting and scary. Hackathon afterwards though so all wins over all. Till then gotta grab the few ZZZZZ I've been missing.  

GTB: Checkpoint

GTB: Checkpoint