New Facebook privacy settings


A couple of weeks ago, I went to an event at Facebook about a unique role they had called Solutions Engineer. The job they do is a mix of client work and programming.  A 50/50 time split between consulting on ad sale solutions with Facebook's business clients and writing code to tailor a solution for your client and improve Facebook's offering. A Solutions Engineer becomes the conduit between users and full time engineers to help direct the development of the product towards the actual ways people use Facebook. 

It was a really cool event. We heard from female managers on the team, got to hear about the daily work of engineers in that role, got tips on how to apply and more.  

One thing I learned was how much people in that role care about making an impact and making a useful product for both their clients and their users. 

The solution engineers at Facebook are doing great at their jobs. The Facebook Ad Network is constantly growing and is a massive coding win. The programmer in me is super impressed. That said, I'm hyper aware and vigilant about the protection of private information. I believe people should be given a choice about what they want to share and with whom it should be shared. So, I'm happy to read that as consumers we're being given some more control of how our trust is being handled. 

Engineering is more than what can be done, but also what should be done. The moral edge of controlling access to information along those terms is where security protocol should be defined. 

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Fighting Apathy : Finding Empathy

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