Blogging backlog

My bootcamp is done! And I have numerous blog posts pending and backlogged to edit, write and make reality. But real life is here and you know who has to focus and on getting a job first — which is a full time job. 

You've got to research companies, practice interviews, learn about technologies and get deep where you were only wide. Knowledge is power now. Things are quantitatively important. Faking, bluffing and bs-ing is not an option. I like to think of it as a great leveling of the playing field. I picture it as the ultimate challenge to put up or shut up — or at the very least to try again later. 

In any case, I don't have time to write this post. BUT, I wanted to put some resources here for any friends also looking to get hired (and my future self who might forget everything in a week and have to start over).

Why Hiring is So Hard in Tech
Take home point: Show, don't tell

10 Interview Questions Every JavaScript Developer Should Know
Take home point:
 Read ALL your notes from Foundations plus some. (For none Grace Hopper students, read You don't know JS)



Don't add that feature

Don't add that feature

At the risk of homelessness, I did this...