Memory lane: “They” AND “us”live here. Share.

When I was in NZ (a million years ago), my church there organized a trip for the youth to visit an Islamic center and a Buddhist temple. We got to talk to the leaders of each, to learn from them and ask them questions directly about their religions and why they believed what they did.

After the sessions, we had a debrief with our leaders to answer any lingering questions. It was hard and confusing but respectful and necessary.

Good doesn’t win when we dehumanize people who believe different things.

It takes extra work to empathize and sometimes it feels exhausting but we all have to share one world so we have to figure out how to agree to disagree sometimes.

Be careful of those who seek to manipulate you based on hate, limited information and misunderstandings. Critical thinking is not antithetical to faith. It is necessary for the truest versions of it.

Remember where you come from

Everybody road nuh level