Sonia Sotomayor: Not Everyone Can Just Pull Themselves 'Up By The Bootstraps' | The Huffington Post

This is the first time that I've sat and listened to Justice Sotomayor. I really resonate in how she meditates on life and participating in a society. I love how warm and caring she is. She's a reminder that as we go about breaking stereotypes, penetrating spaces and breaking ceilings of glass, that we are to pull with us all the pieces of us, all the people of us, by being our complete unique selves including our language and our culture.

This talk back is over an hour long but worth it. If I get the time, I'll come back and edit this post with a quick list of take home points, but I really think the long form will be a fuller experience. I'd love to be there long form in person one day. I'll just put that into the universe and see what comes back. ;) 

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Solving problems

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