Learn by doing

It's been a whirlwind of a year. So many unposted posts! A debilitating side effect of being afflicted with terminal perfectionism. 

As a developing software engineer and product manager, I'm grasping more how to let things go. Otherwise, I wouldn't get anything done. I'm curious of the boundless success I'd have achieved by now, if the fear of making mistakes wasn't so paralyzing. (But guilt is a tangentially useful emotion, so best not to dwell there.)

Over this past year, I've had the opportunity to observe a number of events and see a lot of successful people at work. Getting messy and taking educated risks with incomplete information is a part of being able to operate on a high level. 

My boss always encouraged me to learn by doing more: to make more mistakes and learn faster. Great advice. Hard to practice, sometimes. As I reflect on our time together and try to figure out next steps in the ensuing turmoil of his recent quit/firing, I think of how much he got done making mistakes and learning by doing. I also wonder how much of that cost him his job. And whether or not that was a good or bad outcome. 

I wonder if I took enough risks and made the right mistakes to continue in my role during this upset. I got good reports from him. But his opinion has an asterisk for those who will replace him. Whether or not I become a part of that asterisk or have my own paragraph is up to me. With so many things to do, the question is where to start. 

How To Go from Being a Thinker to a Doer - Ignitia Office

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