Remember where you come from

I remember about a year ago when the “Stony Hill” album dropped. I had it on pre-order so the moment dem fly di gate I was off to the races. It was the middle of the night and was preparing for bed, but I stayed up falling in love yet again with the genius of the Gong to the zilla. And today, after a forever long week, I came across the video to the song “Living it up”. It made me smile cry tru how mi glad bag buss. Mr. Marley’s treatment for this video was wonderful: walking his son through Trench Town to show the humble origins of his father, Jamaican legend Robert Nesta Marley and then later comparing it to his own childhood home with his mother, beauty queen, Cindy Breakspeare. 

He reiterated the necessity to stay humble and grateful and to remember where you come from. A great reminder...

Where do you come from? What do you stand for? What are you seeding for the next generation to reap so they can throw a big party in a castle celebrating the fruits of your labor? 

I spent time in a hospital bed recently and the next day had to get up and work the rest of the week through the pain. Through the ordeal a lot of things got put in severe stark relief. Where have I been investing my time? Am I happy about it? What needs to change? 

I found that I want to be giving back to my country in a more significant way. Showing my neighborhood and my community that I have not forgotten where I come from and raise them up as it is on their shoulders that I can dare to stand this tall. 

Who do you need to call this week? Where do you need to visit? It is when we are grounded that we can feel our strongest. We find our ground when we look at our roots. Know where you are planted. Don’t forget where you come from.



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